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Remedy through melody

Therapy by the C is a music therapy practice serving clients in Palm Beach County, FL. Therapy by the C also offers private piano lessons for all ages. 

Services Offered

  • Individual music therapy sessions
    • in-home and virtual options
  • Music lessons
    • virtual
  • Facility music therapy services
    • Learn more about contracting with us 

Therapy by the C specializes in working with children, adolescents and young adults facing psycho-social and emotional challenges related to mental health conditions. Therapy by the C also offers services for family and caregivers of individuals diagnosed with chronic mental illness who are seeking support.

Piano lessons are offered to all ages with adapted lessons available as an option for students with developmental disabilities or other areas of need who may benefit from additional support. These adapted lessons provide a curriculum that is tailored to fit the individual needs of the student in the moment, which may include visual aids or additional devices to maximize learning. 


Contact Information

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Please feel free to contact Therapy by the C if you are interested in receiving services or have any questions!

Delray Beach, FL

(561) 290-2941

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