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Toddler Playing Drums

Individual Music Therapy

Clients are provided with the option of virtual sessions or in-person sessions and can discuss what setting may be most appropriate with the therapist prior to beginning sessions. Individuals of all ages and abilities can benefit from individual sessions that address individualized goals according to the client's needs.  

A music therapy session will look different for each client, depending on what is appropriate to address their goals and how music interventions need to be adapted in the moment to fit the needs of the individual. The music therapist consistently assesses the client in sessions to identify whether goals are met or additional areas should be focused on. Some examples of activities that may be used in a session are:

  • Improvising on musical instruments

  • Analyzing/discussing lyrics of songs

  • Listening to music (with or without visual imagery)

  • Writing songs/music

  • Music and movement

  • Guided music relaxation

  • Substituting lyrics into an existing song

  • Playing instruments along with recorded or live music by the therapist

  • Therapeutic singing (with or without oral motor and/or respiratory exercises)

  • Musical games

  • Progressive singing tasks 

Contact Therapy by the C to find out how each of these music activities work toward clinical goals!

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