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Support Group Session

Identify Your Support

This intervention could be beneficial for small adult inpatient and outpatient mental health groups with clients who are able to verbally process. 

Music Task: Pass out lyrics to "You've Got a Friend" by Carole King to clients with a writing utensil and ask them to mark any words/phrases that stand out to them as the song is played by the music therapist. (*I like to tell clients that lyrics can stand out for various reasons. We may have a strong negative reaction, a positive reaction, a desire to cross out certain words, resonance with some lyrics, or a mixture of these reactions. There is no wrong way to feel. Just take note of how you are reacting and we will talk about it after the song.) Discuss the lyrics that stood out to each client and why. 

*Discussion Point: What do you look for in a supportive figure? How do the lyrics compare/relate to what you identify as positive support for yourself? 

Writing Task: Ask clients to fill out the worksheet below demonstrating the types of support they feel they need, active steps they can take to obtain it, and ways to support themselves. Refer back to the lyrics as appropriate throughout the discussion.


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